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    Nwasom Bianze

    So last November, I was doing a campaign on sickle cell disease with the theme, GenoSure. I wanted to find a way to educate us about sickle cell disorder. GenoSure was about bringing to our awareness the fact that many people make efforts to check their genotypes but got wrong results. It is important for people to check genotypes, at the right places, do the right investigations, the right number of times.

    It was during the campaign that my friend and brother Austin Uzim suggested that I create an App to help put all this together.
    So I set to work. Work has been ongoing since November 2018.
    Today I present to us the GenoSure App.

    It is a self-care App
    So who needs to use the App:
    1) Warriors living with sickle cell disorder
    – they can get reminders on the need for rehydration, medications etc
    – they have a section of the App where they can record symptoms, check symptoms and have accurate information for their physicians
    – parents can check their children, record symptoms and give accurate information during routine clinics
    – they can reach clubs, support groups, NGOs anywhere in Nigeria.

    2). Health Workers
    – there is a scoring system for those WHO THINK THEY ARE SURE OF THEIR GENOTYPES. So we can begin to use the scoring system to screen everyone where the genotype is needed.
    – Your patients have daily reminders.
    – You can link your warriors to support groups, go through their symptom diary.

    3). Everyone
    – Are you sure of your genotype? Are you getting married to someone who is a Carrier?
    What if you wake up tomorrow and find out your child has sickle cell disorder because you or your partner were given wrong results? It is happening.

    Download and take a scoring test today.
    – Are you wondering where to get accurate results? Do you have conflicting results? Are you wondering if you are AC or AS or AG or Sbetathal or more?

    We will be linking you to centres soon. Those in Lagos can, however, access a centre. More centres will be added shortly.
    – Wondering where to check your baby’s genotype before birth?
    We have answers
    – You can download for friends, relatives, neighbours.
    – for educational purposes, there is a lot to learn.
    There’s so much more I haven’t listed. It is an offline App and first self-care App of its kind for sickle cell disorder. The link is below.

    Please go ahead and download it.
    We will be taking complaints, comments on GenoSure Facebook page coming to you soon.


    This is wonderful.

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