Author: Nwasom Bianze

risks of self-medication

7 risks of self-medication

What is self-medication? Self-medication is when you take drugs, herbal medicines or home remedies on your own, or as a result of someone’s advice without consulting a doctor. Using self-medication to treat minor illnesses...

Effects of alcohol on the body

10 Effects of alcohol on the body

Effects of alcohol on the body Increased risk of some cancers Increased risk of liver problems like liver cirrhosis. Weight gain Bloated skin Memory problems Depression Hypertension Heart failure Erectile problems Wernicke encephalopathy

ministry of health Nigeria

Ministry of Health Nigeria

The Ministry of Health Nigeria is charged with the creation and implementation of health policies. Who is the minister for health in Nigeria? The person in charge of the Ministry of Health Nigeria is...

herbal medicines tips

Herbal medicines: 4 problems you should know

Herbal medicines generally refer to medicines that include herbs, herbal substance, herbal preparations and finished herbal (including packaged) products that contain whole plants, parts of plants such as leaves, barks, roots and flowers or...