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generic drugs

Generic drugs

You may be wondering why you need to know the difference between generic drugs and brand name drugs. It is important that you know the basics about the medications that your healthcare practitioner prescribes. Knowing the difference between generic and brand name medicines is the first step. Brand name medications Developing a medication cost a …

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birth control implant in arm

Birth control implant (Nexplanon)

The birth control implant (Nexplanon implant) is a small elastic and plastic rod that is usually placed under the skin of the upper arm by a healthcare professional. This implant prevents pregnancy by releasing the hormone called progestogen into the bloodstream for 3 years. The hormone in Nexplanon The hormone contained in Nexplanon etonogestrel (synthetic …

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stages of kidney disease

Kidney Disease

To know about kidney diseases, it would be easier if we knew about the kidneys first. About the kidneys The kidneys are two bean-shaped organs located behind your abdominal cavity. They work together to achieve their objectives and when one kidney’s function is impaired, the other kidney usually compensates for it and does most of …

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