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Why give vitamin k to newborns

Haemorrhagic Disease Of The New-born- A case study

  What is Haemorrhagic Disease Of The New-born? Haemorrhagic Disease Of The New-born is when a baby starts having uncontrollable bleeding from multiple sites, such as the umbilical stump, nostrils, gums, injection sites, and circumcision sites. And if care is not taken, the baby could exsanguinate [bleed out and die]. You see, Vitamin K is …

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symptoms of down syndrome

Down Syndrome

In this post, we are going to discuss about down syndrome, its causes, types, features (symptoms), complications and risk factors. A case study They have been trying to have another child. But after they had their daughter 10 years ago, 5 years into their marriage, the road to that possibility had just been shut to …

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TIA -A case study of mini-strokes following sexual intercourse

TIA– Transient Ischaemic Attack, is a temporary loss of certain brain functions due to transient narrowing, or occlusion, of blood vessels to the brain leading to transient oxygen deprivation in the brain. It may manifest as a motor phenomenon characterized by paralysis or paresis [weakness], slurring of speech, or deviation of the mouth to one …

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vaginal discharge

Vaginal discharge

From experience gathered while clerking patients, both as a medical student, and now as a doctor; most ladies are clueless about Vaginal discharges, often mistaking the “normal” vaginal discharge as “abnormal”. Hence the question, “are you having a vaginal discharge?” is often met with the answer “yes.” However, when you probe further you realise, in …

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vaginal douching

Vaginal douching: Harmful Or Beneficial?

Is vaginal douching harmful or beneficial? There seem to be this unsettling myth about the apparent “uncleanliness” of the vagina making rounds among the female folks, and the need to keep it “clean”, whatever that means. In a bid to indulge this myth and keep the vagina “clean” most women resort to douching. What Is …

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post abortion care

Post-abortion care

Post-abortion care refers to the bundle of care that is needed to reduce the risk of complications following an abortion (spontaneous and unsafe abortion). If you’re experiencing problems following an abortion, it’s very important that you seek help. You can contact Marie Stopes for a confidential chat. Unsafe abortion remains one of the commonest causes …

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incompetent cervix

Incompetent cervix

What is an incompetent cervix? An incompetent cervix which is otherwise called Cervical insufficiency is the inability of the uterine cervix — the “gate” to the womb, to retain pregnancy, that is to hold off the fetus from being expelled, in the second trimester, leading to “unceremonious” miscarriages. It is about the commonest cause of …

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