immunization schedule in Nigeria

Immunization schedule in Nigeria

Immunization schedule in Nigeria involves administering vaccines to children at different ages so as to prevent communicable diseases. First, we will explain what immunization is and how it works. If you want to go straight to the immunization schedule in Nigeria, then click on the section. What is an immunization? Immunization is usually given to …

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pelvic inflammatory disease

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

What is Pelvic Inflammatory Disease? This is actually a genital infection, a Sexually Transmitted Disease that has gone beyond the vagina spreading further upwards to affect the cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes and the ovaries with serious deleterious effects on these organs. It usually arises due to Gonococcal or Chlamydial infection and can run a chronic …

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facts about pregnancy

6 Surprising facts about pregnancy

There are some facts about pregnancy that you probably did not already know. There are dozens of books based on things that you can expect while being pregnant, but even if you were to read all of them there are still facts about pregnancy that you won’t know about until you actually get pregnant. You …

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risks of self-medication

7 risks of self-medication

What is self-medication? Self-medication is when you take drugs, herbal medicines or home remedies on your own, or as a result of someone’s advice without consulting a doctor. Using self-medication to treat minor illnesses and wounds can help save healthcare costs. The main problems with self-treatment usually occur when people try and treat serious conditions …

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healthy pregnancy

4 Tips for Having a Healthy Pregnancy

In this post, we are going to discuss 4 tips for having a healthy pregnancy. Being pregnant is a life-changing event for not only the mother but for the baby itself. With that being said, it is imperative that every pregnant woman understands the importance of living a healthy and happy lifestyle while they are …

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symptoms of prostate cancer

Prostate cancer: symptoms, risk factors, screening, diagnosis, complication, prevention and treatment

What is Prostate Cancer? Prostate cancer which is also referred to as Cancer of the Prostate [ CaP] is a malignant transformation of the cells of the prostate gland into cells with the ability to proliferate uncontrollably, erode into surrounding tissues/organs, and the potential to spread to other parts of the body. It is about …

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Effects of alcohol on the body

10 Effects of alcohol on the body

Effects of alcohol on the body Increased risk of some cancers Increased risk of liver problems like liver cirrhosis. Weight gain Bloated skin Memory problems Depression Hypertension Heart failure Erectile problems Wernicke encephalopathy