Effects of alcohol on the body

10 Effects of alcohol on the body

Effects of alcohol on the body Increased risk of some cancers Increased risk of liver problems like liver cirrhosis. Weight gain Bloated skin Memory problems Depression Hypertension Heart failure Erectile problems Wernicke encephalopathy

rhesus incompatibility

Rhesus incompatibility

What is Rhesus incompatibility? Rhesus incompatibility is a situation where a pregnant woman’s Rhesus blood group [blood “type”] is immunologically dissimilar with that of her baby, in such a way that her body generates...

dna testing mouth swab

DNA testing in Nigeria

In this article, we discuss DNA testing in Nigeria including consent, the document required, sample collection, laboratories to get it done and costs. What is DNA? DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is the component of human...

ministry of health Nigeria

Ministry of Health Nigeria

The Ministry of Health Nigeria is charged with the creation and implementation of health policies. Who is the minister for health in Nigeria? The person in charge of the Ministry of Health Nigeria is...